Monday, 22 April 2013

A Statement on the Need to Combat LGBT Abuses of Human Rights

The text below will be posted in French and Spanish later.
 While I have many more texts and statements to translate, which are forthcoming, I want to issue this important declaration.
I. Unfortunately, the democratic process in Western nations and the judicial system of the United States have failed, for over twenty years, to deal in good faith with the bioethical and social-justice problems posed by the following aims of the LGBT movement:
1. The desire to equate sexual orientation with race, which has progressed from falsely characterizing the centuries-long struggle of Africans against slavery to now, using the power of state law, individual school policy, and the federal judicial system to...
VI. The legal system, academia, the fourth estate, the judicial system, and the political process in the United States have proven themselves inadequate in some cases, grossly negligent in others, totally powerless in some instances, but consistently failing in correcting the human-rights crisis precipitated by the modern LGBT movement and its systematic violation of the rights of children, not only in the United States but also overseas, its continued assault on the dignity of human fatherhood and motherhood, and its increasing complicity with human trafficking, its fraudulent propaganda, its bioethical improprieties, class exploitation, contempt for the democratic process, and violations of the basic principles of free speech, free exercise of religion, and academic freedom.
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