Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Gay Marriage: 10 Little Things We Are Not Ready to Forget.

Well, that’s it!  With Tuesday’s solemn vote on same-sex marriage law, France has fully entered modernity. Finally! Up until now, it had stagnated with some 175 medieval countries, (of the 200 that make up the planet), that stupidly reserve marriage to male-female couples. Now, France has joined the avant-garde group of countries that are not afraid to walk  "with history" (such an important concept that it never needs to be defined).

Let the trumpets resound! Let the outpouring begin! May national union be restored! Now, homophobia will be banned from the country, for the socialist state will now educate children so that they are spared the dumb prejudices of their parents (such fascists!). From now on, equality will reign everywhere. Same rights for all! Until, finally, fathers will obtain the right to breastfeed. Because it is outrageous and backward to save this right for mothers. And those who think otherwise are just dirty breastfeedingfathers-ophobes!

From now on, homosexual couples are just counting the days that separate them from the intoxicating right to assisted reproduction and surrogacy. Do not worry, gay buddies. It is a matter of months. At worst, of a couple of years. But you will get there, I promise. Anyway, the left has always been like that: they drive a wedge. They swear that it will stop there. And five years later, they drive the nail in a climate of general indifference, taking advantage of the stupidity of the masses subjugated by Nabila.

From now on, especially, President Hollande has held one of his promises. And even if it was made to a few tens of thousands of people. Unemployment can wait! When the polls show 25% favorable rating, when the crisis is all over the place, when factories close their doors, when insecurity explodes, it really is time to divide the country with such a fundamental issue.

In any case, what is good is that we took notes throughout the debate on gay marriage. We observed postures, we remember everything. And there are ten things that we are not ready to forget. Are you ready? Let's go!

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