Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Gosnell: “The logic of the abortion license”

Not every abortionist, nor even most, nor maybe even any other abortionist commits the horrific violations of human life that Kermit Gosnell did, the details of which are on the public record in his ongoing trial. But the fact is, every abortionist ends a human life.

That is the truth underlying the law that became a movement and an industry, and along the way a culture of abortion. Once the logic is accepted that an entire class of human beings can be deemed ‘unworthy of life’ at the discretion and ‘choice’ of another class of human beings (this is the essence of the whole thing), that logic by extension will grow into disregard for the sanctity of human life itself and the dignity of individual persons no matter what their state or class or race or ethnicity or sexuality.

This is the public debate we should have been having for a very long time, but weren’t. People were too dug in to their beliefs and causes, pro-life or ‘pro-choice,’ and we weren’t having a robust public debate.

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