Tuesday, 9 April 2013

‘Vive la Resistance!’ France’s culture wars are coming to a head

Unfortunately, the new Socialist French government and president, François Hollande, are a less articulate but more forceful version of Barack Obama and his liberal allies. Their stated policy preferences are almost identical. Hollande’s public approval rating, however, is much lower at around 27%, and France is stuck with him until his term expires in 2017. The government’s most recent initiative is to make abortion 100% “free,” at French taxpayers’ expense. The Socialists also have seen to it that girls aged 15-18 are given free contraception on demand, without parental notification. Further, some leftists want not only homosexual adoption rights but legal surrogate motherhood to provide children for same-sex and other couples.

Hollande seems hell-bent on dethroning France as the European country with the highest birthrate. (France has 2.08 children per woman – higher than number two in Europe, Ireland, which fell to 2.01. Both are slightly below the population replacement level, as is the USA at 2.06). All this at a cost of millions of taxpayers’ Euro at the very same time the French government is cutting billions from their budget due to the Euro financial crisis. They see free access to abortion and birth control as more fundamental government priorities than a myriad of other services which are being cut.

Hollande’s other major social legislative initiative is “Marriage for All” – a same-sex “marriage” bill that passed the Socialist-dominated National Assembly and is now going before the Senate. This measure has met unprecedented popular resistance.

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