Tuesday, 30 April 2013

European Parliament Member Promotes Pedophilia as Part of the Sexual Revolution

April 29, 2013 (C-FAM) - Is there any country in the world where a prominent politician could publicly boast his sexual experiences with children aged six years and less, and still stay in office? Probably not – but the European Parliament seems to have rules of its own.

The politician is Daniel Cohn-Bendit, once upon a time a protagonist of the 1968 student revolt and the Cultural Revolution that ensued, and today the leader of the “Greens/European Free Alliance” in the European Parliament.

Daniel Cohn-Bendit
Daniel Cohn-Bendit
In this function, Cohn-Bendit has for many years aspired to a role similar to that played by Maximilien de Robespierre during the French Revolution, holding everyone accountable for everything – including Czech President Vaclav Klaus for his euroscepticism, or Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban for having given to his country a new Constitution that protects the family, defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman, and (the worst of all imaginable actions against “European values”) mentions God(!).

These days, however, we were once again reminded that Mr. Cohn-Bendit’s own code of moral values is not one that is commonly shared. The left-liberal Theodor-Heuss-Foundation (named after a former President of Germany) had decided to award a prize to him for his political achievements – but the President of the German Constitutional Court (Bundesverfassungsgericht), Andreas Vosskuhle declined the invitation to deliver a speech in Mr. Cohn-Bendit’s honor, saying that he did not want to create the impression that the Constitutional Court approved of Mr. Cohn-Bendit’s utterances regarding pedophilia.

The fact has been well known for many years, but somehow nobody seemed to care. Back in the early 1970s Cohn-Bendit, who had been declared persona non grata in France and sent back to Germany as a consequence of his involvement in hooliganism and rioting, worked as an educator in a day care centre for children that had been set up to make experiments with “anti-authoritarian” education. An essential tenet of the “anti-authoritarian” concept apparently was to confront the children, who were at the time five or six years old, with unbridled sexuality, in order to overcome traditional morality.

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