Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Jumping on the Gay ‘Marriage’ Bandwagon

April 9, 2013 ( - What does a herd of politicians running to jump on the bandwagon sound like? The thunder of the hooves of panicked cattle? Or the rustle of lemming feet over a cliff? Choose your own metaphor, but the stampede of many US senators into the same-sex marriage corral just since the beginning of the year is remarkable.

The about-face by Ohio Republican Rob Portman was the most widely publicised, but there have been at least 14 others: Mark Kirk, of Illinois; Tom Carper, of Delaware; Bob Casey, of Pennsylvania; Bill Nelson, of Florida; Brian Schatz, of Hawaii; Claire McCaskil, of Missouri; Mark Begich, of Alaska; Jay Rockefeller, of West Virginia; Tim Kaine and Mark Warner, of Virginia; Jon Tester, of Montana; Debbie Stabenow, of Michigan, and Kay Hagan, of North Carolina.

Those are only this year’s lemmings. Last year, in addition to a number of senators, the Vice-President and the President announced that their thinking had evolved on the issue and that they now felt relaxed and comfortable with marriage equality.

The suddenness of the shift is certainly surprising, but in retrospect, it is easily explained. American marriage is like a sea cliff which has been gradually eroded at the base by the pounding waves. It may look firm from the top, but one fine day, the neighbourhood is bound to topple into the ocean.

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