Thursday, 25 April 2013

Remember ‘Minority Rights’ in Marriage Debate? Neither Do They

by Bruce Hausknecht
It was just a few years ago that gay activists argued for same-sex marriage via court rulings by claiming that majority rule (i.e., one man, one woman marriage amendments) should not defeat “minority rights” to same-sex marriage.
Times have changed, and so has the rhetoric. Take Washington State, for example. The legislature there has passed both same-sex “marriage” as well as sexual orientation non-discrimination laws. By majority votes.  The net result? One Christian-owned small business has been targeted  for daring to resist the new order of things.
Not one, but two lawsuits have been filed thus far against the Christian owner of Arlene’s Flowers in Richland, Washington for refusing to create floral arrangements for a gay wedding. First the state Attorney General filed suit, asking the court to grant an injunction ordering the florist to stop discriminating. And, oh yes, for her to pay the “reasonable attorneys’ fees” that the AG’s office incurs in enforcing the state law against the florist. How “reasonable” do you guess lawyer fees are these days? Not very.
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