Monday, 29 April 2013

Does sex still sell? Apparently not

Does sex still sell? Apparently not, to young women in 2013.
Australian young women's magazine Cleo has dropped sex from the cover of its magazine, due to its readership being more conservative than previous generations.
In this day and age? All the sex we are sold would tell us the contrary.
But according to research done by Bauer Media, sex isn't a selling point for young women anymore.
1500 girls aged 14-26 were interviewed across Australia over a three-month period, through video diaries and focus groups. Results from the study found that 69% per cent are living at home with their parents, 41% of total respondents have not had sex and only 7% per cent have had a one-night stand in the past six months. 66% per cent of participants are single.
This has a lot to do with finances - increasing rents and costs of living mean that young people are living with their parents for longer. Drug, alcohol and cigarette use is down since 2010 (drugs were 16% in 2010, now 2%; alcohol was 73%, now 61%; cigarettes were 24%, now 14%) while the consumption of fast food has risen 4% since 2010. Many young women are saving, where perhaps previous generations were more about having fun - 97% want to buy a property by the time they’re 27 years old.

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