Friday, 26 April 2013

Gender Theory as a Tool of Totalitarianism? A view from Paris.

By our new correspondent: Iphigénie (to see the original in French click here)

Is the gay marriage movement - many times exposed as a tiny minority - hiding an agenda that goes way beyond LGBT rights?

The frenzy that the French government is in to forcefully pass this law, against all odds, seems highly suspicious.  In a climate of economic austerity and crisis that should be the real emergency, why try so hard to pass a law "that would affect only a minority"? Why do it without real parliamentary debate, with a defiance of the opposition and of the people in a manner never seen under the Fifth Republic? On February 15th, a petition signed by 700,000 citizens addressed to the Economic, Social and Environmental Committee (EESC) to seek an advisory opinion, in full respect of democratic institutions, was ordered by the president to be trashed. Why not consult a politically neutral body on such a sensitive subject? Why stand in the way of the workings of democracy? Why engage in a delusional match of arm wrestling with popular opposition that is not disarming?

Are the stakes higher than the simple ideology that the Socialist Party and the centrist so called “soft” fringe of the UMP are accused of, even by the opposition? Is all of this just a question of progressivism which, if not constantly fed by new social experiments, loses its raison d'être?

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