Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Taking Advantage of Women is More Than Wrong, It’s Rape!

Ever since Steven Landsburg, an economics professor at my university, published a blog post dealing with the rape of unconscious individuals, my Facebook home page has been flooded with discussions of the topic. Some of the men, or rather boys, at my school have used this forum to describe how taking advantage of drunken girls at a party is different from raping them. I’m pretty sure the people in the Steubenville case thought the same thing, but look where they ended up.

Anyway, this article is for all the creeps frat boys out there who don’t see the difference between taking advantage of girls and raping them.

I’ll start off by looking at the idiom “take advantage of.” The definition of this idiom is: “To profit selfishly by; exploit.” When you take advantage of an intoxicated individual, you are exploiting a weakness. The only reason you need to take advantage of someone’s weakness is if you are trying to get them to do something that they wouldn’t do otherwise. If you are taking advantage of girls who are really drunk, that implies you are using their drunken state to bypass the need to obtain their consent, which they probably wouldn’t give you if they were of sound mind.

Read more at the College Conservative.

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